Monday, July 31, 2017

History Give Perspective

I re-visited my own site this morning for the first time in years.  Boy does history give one perspective! Anywho, I couldn't believe that I had never shared our happy ending on this blog.  I want to tell the story in it's entirety to serve as a record of Gods work in our lives but also to give you hope my beautiful, fellow infertile myrtle. Hope that God indeed has a marvelous plan for your life. Hope that His Grace is overwhelmingly magnificent and that it must be shared.

I'll start with the first post of our adoption blog:

Have you ever had a moment in your life when you know - you just know -that HE divinely placed you in that certain place and time on purpose? Well, we recently had one of those moments that inevitably led us to starting this blog. 

As most of you know we have been Walking with Him Through Infertility for a past several years. We were married in 2005 and starting trying to conceive about two years later. Fast forward through a boat load of testing, procedures, a surgery, diagnoses, our first and only pregnancy via IVF, one miscarriage, and another failed IVF attempt.

After our last IVF we knew that God wanted us to move on, but were uncertain as to where He would take us. Little did we know that HE was preparing our hearts for a road we are just now beginning to walk down. Adoption had been a seemingly far off idea we have discussed over the last couple years, but knew that the timing had to be HIS.

For Christmas Kyle had made it a surprise to sign us up for our first adoption orientation through the county. In early January of 2014 we attended the meeting and as much as we wanted to make it a fit, and to our dismay, it did not feel like a fit to either of us. After struggling with this internally and being touched by the Holy Spirit one day, Brooke made a decision that if she could not have children she would use her heart to be a mother in another way. So she told Kyle that no matter what the next mission trip was through our church - she was going! Because, you know as well as we do that sometimes the best way to take your mind off yourself is to serve others (and believe me when I say this was not a "I'm so righteous" decision; this was a desperate attempt to rid myself of myself). Brooke went on our church website to get the low down on which country she needed to prepare for. Low and behold, under the missions tab, the one and only current-available mission trip was to sign up for an Adoption Event (Chosen Adoption Event). If that's not God speaking then we don't know what is...

So, Brooke told Kyle what God had clearly laid out in front of her and Kyle responded, “You better sign us up.”  That brings us to the moment. Throughout this orientation, if Brooke had allowed it, her heart would have leaped out onto the table. She held back tears the whole time but was unsure if Kyle felt the same. On the way home Kyle spoke first saying, "that was heavy", then he asked Brooke what she thought and she is pretty sure that her heart then ended up on the car floor. Kyle humbly spoke, “I hate to admit it but I cried three times.” That moment we both knew God had put us in that orientation for a purpose. We do not know what the purpose is yet, but we know we are supposed to prayerfully pursue adoption.

So, this is our first step: to ask our family and friends for prayer. After experiencing the winding road of IVF we realize that the more support we can get the better. We of course have our humanly doubts on how HE will accomplish this but we are continually reminded of HIS glory through HIS grace. We are extremely blessed to have each of you in our lives and ask that you would start to pray for us and for the possible child that might become part of our family, as we walk with HIM through adoption. 

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts,
Kyle & Brooke