My Infertility History

We have been trying to conceive (aka TTC) for about a big fat 5 years now.  I never thought that I would have trouble getting pregnant and in fact I really thought I would have at least 3 little ones by now.  The first 1-2 years of TTC kind-of melt together in my head because we just kept thinking, okay next month it will happen, all the while watching every couple around us popping out #1s,  #2s, and #3s. Reality smacked me during a yearly check up when I told my doc how long we had been trying and she immediately diagnosed me as infertile and gave me a referral: a referral I never thought I would get.  Well, I got a letter about 2 weeks later stating that we did not have fertility coverage so we started the search for a specialist outside of our insurance.  We found one, went through ALL the testing, one round of clomid and BAM...not pregnant. I had gotten my hopes so built up on one round of clomid that I was heartbroken when it didn’t happen.  Anyway, next came a series of painful attacks around my period ( I have a history of very painful periods but this was different). I dropped to the floor in pain on at least 3 different occasions for a couple hours at a time. Mr C. and my dear mom finally shook some sense into me and I went to my amazing OB whom told me I probably have endometriosis. Three months later I was in surgery and during she diagnosed with endo.  We now have fertility insurance and a new specialist. We just completed all our initial testing AGAIN and I was also given the the clomid challenge test ( aka Made Me Certifiably Crazy Test).

 And that is where we are now; ready to face this thing full force in the coming months...

Test results came in and the verdict is: In-Vitro is our only option.
 Go to: 2.35 Minutes for details

My Infertile Myrtle Issues:
- Endometriosis
- Kink in left tube...(aka my kinky tube) I actually saw a picture    after my Laporascopy of this poor tube with a kink in it.
- Cysts here and there (bursting cysts..yikes this sucks!!)
- Going on 5 years TTC
- One Pregnacy via IVF#1 Aug 2012 and one miscarriage that followed.

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