Thursday, November 28, 2013

God will only give you what you can handle

I have been told many times throughout this infertily ride that "God will only give you what you can handle". I used to take this as a huge offense thinking often, " oh thanks, so you are saying that I can't handle a baby". But now, after Mr. C so enlightened me, I realize that people are really saying that I can handle infertility. I can handle the heartache, the phases, the empty belly. I can handle it all not on my own accord, but by His grace alone. I have learned that infertily truly can be a blessing not of this world ( I can't believe I just wrote that). Something that reminds me daily what I should be living for: eternity. Thank YOU Father for Your will, for your ways, for our amazing family we were surrounded with today.

Happy Thanksgiving,
Mrs. C

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Let It Go Girl

I took a couple deep breaths just now, before I start writing. Before I start writing something that I am afraid to face, afraid to do, afraid to take on.

Possible disappointment...

I prayed this morning that HE would continue to bless me with a lowly heart. A heart that has been wrecked by HIS love is a glorious way. A heart that is scared to move now. I truly want to remember how much HE has flooded me with HIS grace through this process of infertility and invitro before we start ANOTHER NEW road to become parents.

We have decided to start researching foster care and adoption.

I am asking for prayer from my fellow infertile myrtles, our awesome support system, and anyone else who comes across this blog. Please pray that we will act on HIS will and not our own. We know absolutely nothing about foster care and adoption. I can't speak for Mr. C but I can tell you that my biggest fear is of the possible disappointment.

Let go girl - God has got it!