Thursday, July 19, 2012

The 3rd Burst was by far the Worst!

Last week our first IVF cycle was canceled due to a ovarian cyst...

It happened again. Last night around I have no idea what time it was pm, I woke up in pain.  I new what it was and immediately woke up Mr. C asking for help.  It got a lot worse, very, very quickly. I tried to get up and got stuck in a bent over position, afraid to move, having excruciating pain radiating in my stomach. In the past, I would describe my ovarian cysts bursting as feeling like having stomach surgery w/o being put under.  This time was worse. It felt like someone was doing surgery on my stomach with 20 knives stabbing simultaneously.  I wondered if labor felt like this. I started blacking in and out and asked Mr. C. to help me to the restroom thinking I was going to throw up from the pain. Then I had to use the restroom all the sudden, but couldn't. It was horrible. I was crying and couldn't move w/o help. I told Mr. C that maybe I should go to ER, he asked if he should call 911 and I said no (not my smartest moment). I knew what would happen though. They would tell me to ride it out, give me some pain meds and hook me up to all sorts of fun things. Not much can be done for a collapsed cyst.  After about a 1/2 hour the pain became more manageable. So, Mr. C helped me to bed and I laid there crying from the scare of pain I had just been through.  Now, I am kind of regretting not going because it is un-documented.   I did however email my doctor today to make sure they knew what happened and they followed up with a call to make sure everything was okay.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

months later...

About two, and what feels like six life-filled months have gone by since my blog deletion.  Life was very busy, and filled with lots of birthdays, family, parties, etc, ; all the goods :) I knew I was in for a busy season so that was my main reason for deleting the blog for awhile.

Now, on to my infertility newsflash: 
I have been on estrogen and progesterone for about two weeks preparing for our first ivf cycle. Exciting stuff!  The only side affects were -system disruption & headaches- but nothing I could not manage.  Today we had our appointment to start the "stim" process of the ivf cycle. Unfortunately during my umpteenth ultrasound, they found that I had a cyst on my right ovary, which means ivf canceled this month. Bummer... bummed...did I mention I was bummed? Bummed, but okay.

Things I learned today:
1.  Infertility treatment can be a long process (okay, I already knew that but had a healthy reminder today), and nothing during that process is a sure thing.
2.  Mr. C rocks!
3.  No there is not a good reason for this, but Yes He can make good of it.

Anywho, since we are back in action I thought I would start up the blog again. 

Until next time,
Mrs. C