Monday, January 21, 2013

IT still exists

Well, the past couple of months we have been so full. Full of festivities, full of food, full of drink, full of moving, full of business, full of flu, full of living. Fullness was a nice distraction; but the reality is that IT still exists. Sometimes I fool myself into thinking that the desire is gone when our time is filled with plans and people and things. I temporarily forget that I desire to have a belly full of life.  It was a nice thing to temporarily forget...

It struck me once again when I found out last night that another lovely lady I know "fell" pregos. My initial reaction was happiness for them. Then, the memory of my bareness state flooded back into my heart and I cried. Mr. C graciously comforted me. I thought about Hannah.

I am taking action. Today I am researching dog therapy/comfort school for Maddie Pepper and I. She is the sweetest dog I have ever known and I'm hoping we can share the healing she brings to me.