A Little More About Me

I was blessed to grow up learning about God's love from a very young age...thank you mom and dad.  I come from a family of 4 girls plus our mom = 5 sets of hormones in one house...our poor (or we could say blessed) dad! My family has always been a priority in my heart and if I had it my way we would all live in the same state so I could spoil my nephews, laugh with my sisters, and get made fun of by my bro-in-laws. I met and fell for Mr. C and his family about 13 years ago and we were married in 2005 :)  We bought a business and run it together (yes we work together every day and for the most part like doing it). We both have heart for children....now it is 2013.

 Maddie Pepper & Me

 Gus & Me

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