Thursday, December 19, 2013

Step One

Best Christmas presents ever this year!!!

1. Two beautiful Japanese Maples for our front yard...Love, love, love!!!! Mr. C had them delivered to our shop early so I could plant them before it gets to cold.
2. Found out today that Mr. C took the first step and signed us up for a Adoption/Foster Orientation meeting for mid January. WHATTT???? So excited! My heart feels like it is jumping out of my chest. Happy jumping by the way - not anxiety - yet.

Thoughts going through my head:
Please Mrs. C don't get too excited
Pray, Pray, Pray!
Remember what you learned through the process of infertility treatments
Keep grounded, yet keep all doors open for HIM to work

Merry Christmas Everyone! May your hearts be filled with HIS love for others this year! May you see HIS works through your season of infertility! May you be blessed with the awareness of eternity!

Mrs. C


  1. Thinking about you often. I hope your journey is going well. I am super excited anticipating your post that you and MR C are now parents. Hugs (( ))

  2. Hi!!
    How are you? Anything new on your journey? Last time we spoke you were taking a new step as well. We went to the first meeting and decided to sign up for another one through our church in Feb. Looking forward to that, otherwise nothing new with us.

    You put a smile on my face today.

  3. I am so excited for you and the progression your journey has taken. He is guiding you and you will be fulfilled in ways you can not even imagine right now. My heart is full for you!
    I am continuing along - things are looking positive (hopefully). I am about a week away from the 2WW. I will e-mail you to give you more details. HUGS!!!

    1. Thank you Stefanie! It is so nice to hear from you and I am looking so forward to hearing about your up and coming 2WW. You are in my prayers!! Keep me posted.


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  5. Hi, Stefanie. I would be gals to read this blog post and would like to see some good news from your side.

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